Thursday, September 20, 2012

The PM, the CM, and the CPM

While Barfi remains the current flavour of the season as an eternal love story, and the reel life actors Ranbir and Priyanka gather much deserved accolades, in the backdrop, an equally dramatic story unfolds. The real life protagonists are again on the threshold of an excruciating break-up.
According to Industry insiders, Ranbir (Barfi)'s role as a mute guy and Priyanka (Jhilmil)'s role as a mentally unsound woman are inspired from the Indian PM and the WB CM respectively. Whether they manage to stay together till the end or not, like the lead pair of Barfi, is of course yet to be seen.
While didi is hell-bent on teaching the poor mute guy a lesson or two because of him treating her like shit, and not consulting her, on each and every miniscule government policy he decides to embark upon, the poor mute guy has yet again resolute to stay mum.
One needs to sympathise with him, I mean I do, always. It’s so tough for a man to manage two women at a time. (Well, I have failed miserably, whenever I have tried to do so). And, let’s face it, he’s no Ranbir Kapoor.  One of the women, the dominating Italian one, has her fingers always on the remote, and that’s why probably, poor guy has forgotten to emote. The other one, is the typical, Bong romantic melodramatic girl, madly seeking love and attention and threatening to slit her wrists open, whenever poor guy showers more attention to the other lady.
72 hrs is what she has in her mind right now. Come Friday, and we are yet to expect another Friday blockbuster. Till now, I have seen only stupid looking doctors in Bollywood movies say, “We cannot say anything before 72 hrs.” She needed to buy time till Friday, because she wanted to read the Namaaz on a Jummabar and then proceed with the formalities of the Talaaqh modus operandi. A very cheaply pulled publicity stunt, on an endeavour to hit a chord with the minorities. But who cares, the Minority vote bank absolutely adores this proclamation of hers. Okay, you get the gimmick, and even I get it, but a 50 something farmer, rearing his cattle beside a paddy field, Saifuddin Molla from the Chhoto Angaria village, will not get it. And there is the point where she wins. And Gautam Buddha cannot do a rat’s ass about it. Okay, no secular undertones, I am talking about Gautam Deb and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya here.
Just when our state was basking in the glory of the 46 Dengue deaths ( Official figures – 6, the rest are due to heart attacks and liver failures) and the Rape cases ( I lost count, do anyone have a latest figure?), she decided to pull out a bigger rabbit from the hat, the Breakup trick, which she has mastered by now (1993 – PV Narasimha Rao led Cong Govt,  2001 – Vajpayee led NDA Govt and now 2012 – MMS led UPA2 Govt)  , making Dengue and Rape look like second fiddles. In all these years, Her parties change, her Coalitions change, the Prime ministers change, but she, the Rebel does not. Everyone who takes her as an ally in a coalition knows on the back of their minds that, she will pull the plug, sooner or later. Most people have a BCP for that. Just like UPA2, is now banking upon the SP and/or BSP to pull them through. And it is just a matter of time and a few thousand crores in which a pact will be signed with either of them by the UPA2 , to sail them through  till LS Polls 2014.   Of course the media loves her; she is their bread and butter. Who cares about the fat old Pawars, Jayalalithas and the Karunanidhis these days? Everything comes down to ‘her vs the PM’ or ‘her vs the CPM’.
And here is where CPM finds itself landing in a soup. They were shouting on top of their voices to rollback diesel prices and subsidize LPG cylinders and scrap FDI in retail for days now and even called up a Bharat Bandh. And the aam aantel Bong, raised their eyebrows again, thinking – “Ohh these stupid commies, always finding a pretext not to work”. Now the didi stunt has made the Politburo think-tank (what they think, generally tanks) feel like a grumpy kid, whose pie has been stolen. The bandh is no longer the talking point of the town, and now, the arch-enemy herself has taken their own stance. Where to go now? They cannot go to Congress, as they are fighting with the UPA2 government. They cannot go to the BJP, as the ‘Secular’ tag is pricey. With didi joining hands for a 3rd front with Mulayam and co. even that door seems to be bolted. And with the Anna and Kejriwal rift even that movement is now seems like a fleeting glimpse.
What Bengal stands to gain through this will be a thing to see in the future, but without the support from the centre, I feel so sorry about the current plight of the millions of Bongs who had voted for her, expecting her to work closely with the centre and bail them out from the financial pit the commies had made them dive into, the last 34 years.
Allah Miya save the Bongs ( pun intended, minority readers will love it)

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